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Articles by Alexandra Rathgeber, M.Ed., RCC.

Dieting - It’s More a Matter of the Mind than of the Body ...or a Book

Children have Stress and Worries Too - Anxiety and Stress are not just Issues of Adulthood

All of the articles below have been published in the 'Tri-Cities News' as a voluntary contribution to the community from Arthur (Art) Rathgeber.

The Gift of Time – Creating Time for Significant Relationships

Treat Kids like Birds and They will Fly the Coop with Strength - Firm to Gentle Handling enables Children to have Roots and Wings

Spouses are Not Roomies - Marriage is More than Shared Costs

Motivation and Strategy are Keys to Successful Learning

Commitment and a ‘big’ dream – At the Centre of a Successful Relationship… there is insulation from temptation and boredom.

Conflict is Evidence of an Authentic Relationship … Yes, conflict is good, but how much is good?

In Search of Happiness

When the going gets tough even the strongest can suffer… PTSD is an equal opportunity disorder.

Our Image of Clint Eastwood is Fiction - Who me? Depressed? I am fine.

The Thief Left Unexpected Gifts! … a different view of the vulnerability of aging

Depression – A Workplace Problem….more than critical incidents cause stress….is your workplace enlightened?

A Broken Heart is a Meaningful Metaphor …..pain is pain, no matter how it is delivered. HOW TO DEAL WITH THE PAIN!

Willow Grove Counselling, Inc. - specializing in CBT.
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