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Solving the Diet Puzzle: The Missing Piece in Permanent Weight Management

A Cognitive Approach to successful weight loss and maintenance

Have you ever become frustrated and discouraged with your efforts to keep your weight at a healthy and stable level… and feel like giving up?

Do you have trouble being consistent with a diet or exercise plan?

Do cravings get the best of you?

Do you claim to have ‘no willpower’?

Do you believe that following a diet or exercise plan is too difficult, boring, or doomed to fail?

Are you always gaining back the weight you thought you lost?

Have you ever felt that your eating was out of control when you were in a restaurant, or during the holidays, or on a vacation?

Do you often turn to food at stressful or emotional times?

Do you look at weight management as a confusing, frustrating, and unsolvable puzzle?

If you said ‘yes’ to even one of these questions, the reason most likely is because you are not using the power of one of the critical pieces that completes the picture of a successful and permanent diet.

Most weight loss programs are focused on what to eat or not to eat; and what kind of exercise program to undertake. Many programs also give ideas for changing behaviour around food.

This is not a complete picture.

The 4th piece is needed for permanent weight management.

THOUGHTS contribute the essential 4th piece.
Thoughts can sabotage the best diet plans and the most sincere efforts;
Thoughts can encourage, motivate, and ensure successful choices.

Change the way you think… change the way you eat!

When you think differently, you will behave differently. In fact, your thoughts are more powerful than any food plan or exercise program in weight loss and maintenance.

Willow Grove Counselling, Inc. - specializing in CBT.
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